A Family-Owned Artisan Pasta Company

We’ve been bringing the wholesome, great taste of fresh dried pasta to our friends and neighbors in Appleton and Northeast Wisconsin for over a decade. Our family’s journey in artisan pasta began at our local farmer’s market where we would purchase ingredients to make fresh pasta for traditional, homemade Italian meals. After receiving praise and a whole lot of encouragement from friends and family we started Dalla Terra Pasta.


We rented a small kitchen space from another local business (which we quickly outgrew) and selling our pasta at the farmer’s market. We moved into our current kitchen on Wisconsin Avenue in 2013 and continue to sell our pasta at the local farmer’s markets and to stores and restaurants from the Fox Valley to Milwaukee.  

Our Handmade Pasta Making Process

Simple + Delicious

In today’s world of “fast” and cheap” food, we strive for quality and value for all. We want to create food that honors the earth and the farmer. We make pasta with simple, wholesome and pure ingredients because you shouldn’t have to wonder what’s in your food.

Traditional Methods

We use a traditional Italian pasta making technique called extrusion. During the extrusion process the pasta dough is pushed through bronze dies that shape the dough (think cavatappi or maccheroni). The artisanal extrusion process produces a pasta with a distinct, somewhat coarse texture that gives it a delicious uniqueness. The coarse texture also helps sauces adhere to the pasta resulting in a better culinary experience.

Flavors for the Foodie

We love our traditional pasta with sea salt. But we also love experimenting with new and interesting flavors like hot pepper, mushroom & sage, and chocolate ravioli. No matter the flavor or style, know that our commitment to you and your food is never compromised. We only use locally sourced ingredients.

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