About The Founder, Cyndi Connolly

Cyndi grew up with a history of wheat, spending about 10 years as a young child growing up on her grandparents’ farm in Wisconsin. They milled wheat, rye, and buckwheat. Her grandmother made all her breads, while her grandfather processed the wheat and he sold the germ as a cereal.

Cyndi baked breads her entire life, and when they had their first son, Cyndi left the corporate world to start a little bread business. She was always avid about sourcing local ingredients and also using grains that today are very prevalent, like teff.

Fast forward to Appleton, WI in 2009, Cyndi wanted to revisit making bread as a source of income. After being denied a farm market spot due to too many bread bakers in the area, she was adamant to continue working with wheat. Being completely self-taught in pasta making, she started selling her first pasta products in 2009. Since the beginning, we’ve used locally sourced ingredients from Wisconsin farms. Experimenting with different grains, spices, and fresh produce, Cyndi produced over 100 different types of pasta in the beginning. Over time, our recipes have been perfected and continue to be created today.

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