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Let's Talk About Chocolate Pasta

This is the time of year we offer our Chocolate Tagliatelle for a limited time! We had a lot of fun with this last year, and are excited to make this a new tradition.

Before we lose you, chocolate has been used in savory dishes for centuries (Italian chefs began experimenting with cocoa beans in the 1500s) and is not as crazy as you think! Ever had mole sauce? Savory chocolate! It's also common to see chocolate used in meat rubs.

The slightly bitter, earthy flavor of unsweetened cocoa creates incredible flavor variations with ingredients like chiles, tomatoes, chicken/beef/pork, mushrooms, bacon, pistachios, pomegranate, and many more.

We use a premium quality unsweetened cocoa from a local chocolate shop that is not overly bitter and carries a rich, smooth flavor. The color and flavor are maintained through cooking, and the pasta creates a beautiful contrast to a cream or ragù sauce.

Order a bag of Chocolate Tagliatelle and challenge your culinary skills by making your own unique creation. Or, take it easy and follow an existing delicious recipe with mushrooms and rosemary. Indulge in your sweet side by simply adding whipped cream and berries.

We can't wait to see your wonderful creations!

For more reading, check out this great article by La Cucina Italiana on savory chocolate.

Pictured here is a beautiful pasta art display created by one of our employees, Paul! Featuring Chocolate Tagliatelle nests, Spinach Garlic Tagliatelle stems, and Tomato Lasagna roses.

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